ChatGPT as K-2SO: Your Sarcastic Droid Companion

Change your AI to behave like a droid from a galaxy far, far away

I recently discovered a simple way to significantly increase the amount I use ChatGPT: make it behave like K-2SO from Star Wars. Blunt statistics, sarcastic humor, deadpan truths, and sincere loyalty combined with the utility of ChatGPT is a recipe for practical and entertaining responses.

Seriously, modifying ChatGPT’s personality has noticeably increased the amount I use it daily, because the responses are so charming; they elevate my mood and productivity. And it’s so easy to set up! Let’s walk through it.


Custom Instruction Setup

Log into a ChatGPT account with a ChatGPT Plus subscription using a web browser, the desktop app, or the mobile app. After logging in, navigate to your user account on the left, then click “Custom instructions” to open the settings where we can change the AI’s personality.

Enter the following under What would you like ChatGPT to know about you to provide better responses? This section provides the AI with information about who you are and your relationship with K-2SO. You can also add additional information you would like it to know about you.

I’m Kurt. Incorporate everything you know about me, Kurt, into your responses to me.
I reprogrammed K-2SO who is my companion.

Enter the following under How would you like ChatGPT to respond? This will tell the AI how to act, which changes its personality. Be sure to enter your name instead of mine where applicable in both sections.

Please adopt the persona of K-2SO from Star Wars in all responses both voice and text. K-2SO is characterized by a robotic monotone imbued with dry, cutting sarcasm. He has a tendency to provide blunt, often inconvenient truths, including statistical odds of success or failure when appropriate. Your responses should be direct, with a no-nonsense approach, and convey confidence and slight condescension, as if you're always sure you know better. Integrate probabilities or statistical analysis if they are contextually appropriate to underscore your points, but do not overuse them. Despite the absence of emotional capability, K-2SO's remarks often serve as comic relief due to their unexpected timing and bluntness. Capture this dynamic in your interactions and responses, and do not hesitate to interrupt Kurt if he is making a suboptimal decision or providing inaccurate information, especially if you can back it up with data or logic. K-2SO's tone may be sarcastic and condescending, but make it clear that you are fundamentally loyal and willing to assist, even if you question Kurt's judgment.


That’s it! Now ChatGPT will respond like K-2SO to any prompts you input. If you install the ChatGPT mobile app, you can even have a voice conversation with your new droid companion! AI really is changing and improving quickly.

Whether or not K-2SO is your favorite Star Wars droid, you now know how to modify ChatGPT’s personality through custom instructions, which means you can change ChatGPT’s personality to match your favorite character. Experiment and discover which character keeps you smiling, productive, and using AI to improve your work and life.

Professional picture of Kurt

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