A Foggy Forest

A Foggy Forest

Happy New Year! Honestly, I hoped I’d have finished this site by now. It has come a long way and I’ve had a lot of fun designing it visually, technically, and securely thus far, but there is still a fair bit of work left to do (expect more on how I secured this WordPress site in a later post). As a completionist by nature, I’ve strangely accepted the site not being done for two reasons: 1) I know that I will complete it before 2023 is over, and 2) completing this site is not as big a priority as a few other items this year, such as obtaining my CISSP certification, continuing to focus on fitness, and volunteering to help spread my excitement for marine wildlife, especially Northern Elephant Seals.

During a recent hike through Point Reyes National Seashore, I had a realization: life is kind of like a walk through a foggy forest – you don’t know what’s up ahead, but you know where you’ve been. You also know where your heading (usually), but you don’t know what different paths you might take or what else you’ll find along the way. You may even come upon a obstacle and have to backtrack sometimes, but that’s ok because you’ll always see or learn something new. I’ve found it best to enjoy the journey in the present, to smell the fresh pine air, to hear the bird songs, to appreciate the wildlife, to feel the calm breeze rather than sprint to a destination.

This website is important to me, but I want to be proud of what I’ve created and learned throughout the journey. I want every detail of the site to be intentional, no leaf unturned, which takes more time than rushing to complete it. So, for now, I’ve taken a different trail through the forest, prioritizing different fulfilling goals personally and professionally until the time where I circle back to this trail. Until then, who knows what I’ll learn and see along the way.

Two banana slugs

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